Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Minor Project : Thoughts & aims

Overall I am quite happy the results with the characters I had modelled however I do feel unsatisfied with the way I had managed my time, and as a result of this I have incomplete textures and blendshapes for both my characters. I also feel I could have experimented with branding my project  more effectively and experimented with creating more with tests and effects, combining 2d and 3d elements and seeing how they work, to give me more of an idea of how I would approach creating the effect I want.

To complete:
- Finish texturing both characters
- Create Blendshapes for both characters
- Animation tests - 2d & 3d

January Goals :
- Two completed character pipelines for both characters
- Updated brand design - Project Title & theme
- 2d & 3d tests


  1. 2d artwork as 3d things!


  2. Your fixed file