Monday, 23 November 2015

Diaa Character Development

Influence Map

I want Diaa's design to be representative of an innocent young Syrian man, so when looking for influences I searched for skinny, tall body types and young round faces. 

I started off by exploring his character then I developed some of thumbnails that I liked, I preferably like A.3 and B.4...

I want his clothes to be quite casual complete with earthy tones to fit in with my theme for my overall style of my animation. In the audio track he mentions that he came from work when the mishap happened within the protest, A rolled up sleeved shirt and some plain grey pants seemed fitting!


  1. I quite like A4. As for the character's shirt, I like design, maybe you could try the shirt to be pale blue with grey pants? I suggest blue because I'd associate that colour to be calm, relax and simple as per your character? :)

    1. Yes that's true! Thanks ayunie I'll try it out