Friday, 30 October 2015

Animatic Scene 1

Here's the first part of my animatic, I have laid out some of the possible scenarios in each scene but still have yet to create and experiment with effective transitions 

Character Development



In my animation I want two 3d characters one as Bashar al asaad (President of Syria) and Diaa who is the voice in my animation. I want subtle 2d styled designs to fit in with my overall 2d/textured/mixed media theme. Bashar will appear as a big character in my animation to express how dominant and evil he is, and I want Diaa's design to look innocent, fragile, someone who the audience can relate to and sympathise with.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Style Exploration

I begun by exploring the style by drawing against the audio and playing around with various mediums such as ink, colouring pencils, pastel and pen.

I wanted to create a more handrawn style in photoshop and I made these as experiments, I feel as if I'm coming closer towards finding the style that I want and I am going to further explore it by scanning in handrawn textures and combining it with photoshop textures.

Next steps:
- Experiment more with the style
- Finish animatic (in progress)
- Upload character designs and explore more in depth 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Maya Lesson

In today's lesson we got asked to bring our own characters in to experiment with. We searched and chose 5 character poses via the internet and posed our characters accordingly to our references.



Friday, 9 October 2015


These drawings were based off of real photographs of people who were affected by Bashir's outbreak, I wanted to feature these in my animation when Diaa describes how the civil war affected the Syrians.
I started scanning in my drawings and experimenting with the style in Photoshop, I begun by using various bright colours to bring my drawings to life, and attempting to create a painterly effect by using various brushes on Photoshop. Overall I like the style that it is going in so intend to experiment with the style further by scanning in more drawings made with different media e.g ink, colouring pencils, to gain a more textured style and see where that might lead to.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Animation Influences

I began researching for refugee stories and I came by this animation which has a unique style and use of texture, colour and surreal imagery with a cultural theme/design. I plan to use more 3d elements but also combine these kinds of 2d textures within my project.

I like the use of layering in these animations, and the use of simple outlines and silhouettes.  

I love the use of texture within these animations! The secret of kells has a nice style in terms of design patten and colours and I like the way the backwater gospel adopted a 2d sketchy style and applied it in 3d.

I love the simplicity within this animation, the hardlines, colours and shapes is something I wish to adopt for my project.

Minor Project Proposal

I decided to restart my project from last year which is based on a Syrian refugee's personal experience of fleeing his country which is at war, to survive and live at peace.

My objective for this animation is to raise awareness to audiences of the tragic circumstances which are occurring in Syria, I want to create an animation which coincides with an audio track of 'Diaa' explaining his story in his way. I think by having his story explained in his own words will effectively make this animation more of a personal piece and will allow more insight into Diaa's experience.

Since Diaa's story involves a lot of events and his audio takes up a 40 minute recording, I decided it would be a better idea to condense the recording and create the first episode of a 5 part Youtube series of his story.

Here is a timeline of events which occur in his story, I would like create a short animation based on the events which are circled. I feel this would make a good first episode to the series by ending it on a cliffhanger which would make the audience want to watch the next episode.
This is when Diaa's dad finally locates him in prison and he was told by the army officers that he was free to go.

I want the style to be sketchy, simplistic and captivating. In order for me to achieve this I must experiment with colours and shapes to create and develop a mixed media styled animation. I feel  this type of style would be best suited for my animation to fit in with theme of storytelling, I believe by incorporating hand drawn textures and brush stokes with simplistic outlines within my animation , would create a compelling, illustrated storybook style.

Influence Map


Style And Environment:

Next steps:

I want to begin with scanning in my illustrations on photoshop and experiment with style/texture/colours and shapes and which will help me develop the style I want.

I want the flow of my animation to run smoothly, so I have begun thinking about how one scene would transition into another. As noted above on my influence maps, the idea of paint/ink dripping and used as a transition might look effective. Using texture and effects could help me create a nice pace to the animation. Once I have made some illustrations/drawings, I will then begin to experiment with this in after effects.