Monday, 20 October 2014


My animation revolves around the journey of a man who escaped Syria to come to England for freedom and justice, and for the sake of this post I will refer to him as 'Ali' as he would like to remain anonymous.

To get a clearer understanding of Ali's story I researched into the political background in Syria - the civil war which occurred in 2011 encouraged him to escape to find a better life. 

His story begins in 2011 where the uprising had happened, until 2014 where he had arrived in England to seek asylum. I created a rough timeline to pinpoint the main events so I can get a clear idea of what is important to include in my final animation.

I looked at stylised, simplistic animations and videos for inspiration as I think it would suit well with Ali's story. A style like this will give me the freedom to design in an abstract way, and will allow me to exaggerate lighting, colours, designs and other elements when responding to Ali's emotional story - my idea is to make people aware of the trauma of which happened to him, and in order to achieve this I will design in a way which portrays his reactions, feelings and thoughts.

Blank on Blank videos capture the essence of the style that I would like to create, I like the transitions and flow between each scene and the way the animation transforms accordingly to what each person is saying.

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