Friday, 3 October 2014

Minor Project Research

Art direction ideas
I feel a simplistic innocent style would help the audience relate to the story being told and I think I could achieve this by using a combination of 2d and 3d effects for my final animation.
I want to create a 3d character which represents the man who will be telling the story, with 2d environments constantly changing in the background to fit the scenes that will be described in the audio. I think an illustrated style would be effective as a storytelling method much like these videos -

After watching these game trailers I was inspired by the set-up of the character and the environment. I want to create a 3d character with simple 3d objects in the foreground which the character might interact with, along with a 2d simple, illustrated background.  
In Ori and Blind Forest, certain things grow and appear whenever the character moves near it which gave me the idea create a 2d background which acts in that same way. I like the idea of having the background as separate working animation which works against the character, it moves shrinks in size, morphs and changes according to what is being described in the audio.

Journey has a very beautiful and cultural theme based on influences from Bhutan, this gave the idea to use the Syrian culture as my main design influence. I think it would be interesting to pull out design methods and styles from a Syria as it would make my animation more dynamic and visually compelling and it would also relate to the speaker who is telling the story as he was born and raised there. 

This game has some very dark elements within the story, you see a young boy travelling trying to escape the horrible possibilities of his death. I like the use of the simple design to emphasize the characters innocence, with the contrast of the use of dull colours and harsh lighting to create a sad and scary atmosphere.

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