Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Minor Project Proposal

For my Minor project I would like to create a short animation based on someone's life experience - I have come into contact with a person who has recently fled from Syria this year because of the unfortunate circumstances which are occurring there. His story revolves around his struggle of separating from his family and trying to escape from Syria to England, for his desire to live in peace. 

I find that it would be interesting to base an animation from a different perspective, as it would raise awareness to new audiences about other cultures, struggles and situations.
This story in particular will acknowledge the problematic occurrences in which this individual has experienced in Syria and the emotional trauma he went through.

Styles and Influences
In order for this animation to be successful I think a simplistic, innocent style with an audio track would be appropriate for my idea. E.g. StoryCorps animated shorts involves real audio tracks of conversations between people who tell their story, along with a quirky, compelling animation which coincides with it.

I think by including an audio track in my animation would immediately draw the audience in, it would make my overall animation more authentic as it would be narrated by the source. 


  1. good - could be extraordinary - tell us more!

  2. Sounds good Nadia, I like the StoryCorps influence!