Friday, 9 May 2014

Year 2 Submission Post

Adaptation A 

Final Infographic

Adaptation Part B

Character Turnaround

Maya Checklist

Pipeline 2: Games Modelling

Pipeline 2: Normal Occ Maps

Pipeline 2: Diffuse Maps and Viewpoint 2.0 

Dynamics 1: Intro to Particle Dynamics

Lighting And Rendering 2: Mental Ray Lighting Techniques 

Mental Ray Part 9: Ambient Occlusion

Mental Ray Part 8: Displacement Maps

      Toadstool.                      Vector.                      Traditional

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lighting And Rendering 2: Mental Ray And Lighting Techniques 1 - 6

Mental Ray Part 1: Samples and Quality Control

Mental Ray Part 2: Final Gather


Mental Ray Part 3: Linear Work Flow

Raw Image 

Mental Ray Part 4: Physical Sun and Sky



Mental Ray Part 5: Portal Lights

Mental Ray 6: Mia Material X Shader

Dynamica Part 1: Intro To Particle Dynamics

Dynamics Part 1: Sketching Particles

Dynamics Part 2: Particle Grids

Dynamics Part 3: Omni Emitters

Dynamics Part 4: Directional Emitters

Dynamics Part 5: Volume Emitters

Dynamics Part 7: Per Point Emission

Dynamics Part 8: Surface Emission

Dynamics Part 9: Curve Flow

Dynamics Part 10: Emit From Particles


Dynamics Part 11: Collision Events

Dynamics Part 12: Instance Objects

Dynamics Part 13: Instance Rotations


Dynamics Part 14: Goal Weights


Dynamics Part 15: Animated Instances