Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Development on Attila

When deciding what costume I wanted to pick for my character, I tried to keep in mind of Attila's background- He was known to be from central asia, so I thought this design best fitted with his ethnicity. I was originally going to use a more plainer and duller design, but when experimenting with my previous choice I came to realise that the costume made him look like any other warrior - so I feel this one would give the audience a sense of his character and where he is from. 

I wanted to design a form of armour for attila to show that he was a fighter/warrior. However I decided to design light weight (leather) armour , as opposed to heavy metal armour which I thought would disguise his undergarments a lot more. With these designs I feel that it expresses that he is a nomad and he travels a lot. I am leaning more towards 1b, and 2b. 

Drawings of Attila in action..

Here I was giving myself a choice of subtle differences to make in order to complete my final design, I already decided to make the face quite muscular and sharp with a wonky nose - which makes him look like a fighter. I prefer Attila with either just a ponytail, or a ponytail with a beard and the moustache as I feel these designs makes his face sharper, and exaggerates his strong jaw line..

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  1. yep - i prefer the faces on the left - strong and moody!