Thursday, 13 March 2014

Re-establishing My Style/Influences

To help me move forward with my character designs I decided to look more in depth into what style I want. I want to create Attila The Hun for a 3D animation which discusses the history of fearful leaders for CBBC, so within this series, Attila the Hun would feature in one episode where the narrator would discuss his quests and achievements in history. 

When looking at the different cartoons/animations CBBC airs, I can see the style is quite simplistic and cartoony. The  'Pet Squad' and 'League Of Super Evil' both feature a character which is close to the style and body shape that I want for my character. 

 The Dog in the 'Pet Squad'

(Tall man in green) 'League Of The Super Evil'

After having many various discussions with friends and tutors on my recent designs, I realised I need go back and specifically adjust some shapes with the body, so I conducted an influence Map to help get the proportions right for my character. Here are some influences for the overall style and shape I am looking for. 


  1. This is a good, clarifying post, Nadia - and I'd suggest that, for further reference, you take your favourite characters here and turn them into silhouettes so you can see for yourself how bold and 'shaped' they are in the first instance.

  2. Okay I shall post some more soon, thank you Phil :)