Thursday, 20 March 2014

Development Work

I decided to take some silhouettes forward and develop on them, however the structure of their bodies weren't really working, so I went back to drawing on paper..

I quickly drew some thumbnails in my sketchbook to attempt to build on the body shape, then developed it on Photoshop. Although the poses of the character express the essence of what I want Attila's characteristics to be like, I realised his shape was still not quite right, it was a bit too round...

So in this sheet I went back to my silhouette and I asked for advice about how to draw legs, as this was the main problem in my drawings, so I looked at a number of references to help me move forward. I practised, and went into reshaping my silhouette..and voila! I have A silhouette that works.

And now with my developed silhouette, I decided to take it on further by figuring out Attila's costume. After completing the first thumbnail on this sheet, I realised I need to think about what he wears underneath his armour, and then go into designing that next, along with his weapons.

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