Friday, 7 February 2014

Adaptation A - The Anatomy Of Boredom' Infographic And Making Of

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  1. Feedback;

    I’m guessing but I think you found this project interesting? It seems like you did - it’s certainly one of the most successful pieces of work you’ve produced on the course so far. The voice over is great, the cartoon/ drawn whiteboard style is satisfying, and in terms of information it has depth and clarity. I think there a still a few tweaks to made in terms of overall finesse (camera movement in particular and the varying quality of drawing) but on the whole this is a successful infographic. Well done.

    Some things to consider for Adaptation part B and for future projects;

    1) I’m not sure if you’d agree but this project appears to be a turning point in terms of general interest and commitment to your studies (I hope it is). However, beyond building a nest in the Narrative project we haven’t really seen what you’re capable of yet when working in 3D. This is true of Maya tutorials too. I’m hoping this is part of your plan, to add 3D to your skillset and produce as sophisticated a work as this infographic. If not I suggest that you make it priority in Adaptation part B as a way to prep yourself for your final year – Don’t get caught out come September, be brave and do the hard work now.