Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Video Infogaphic: Considering Styles & Target Audience

Since my Infographic revolves around the subject of boredom, I am considering to incorporate a simple and minimalistic design to coincide with it. I was influenced by a number of infographic videos which include elements of simple designs -


I like how the focus of the animation is central- very clear and easily understandable for the audience. I also particularly like the same theme of colours which is featured throughout the video.

This video uses simple, visual demonstrations which relate to teenagers by using social elements e.g. facebook, student hand in's (deadlines). This is something I would mention to engage my target audience of 15-25 year old's. 

The transitional effects used is very fluid and creative, and visually compelling. After creating the script for my infographic, I will start to experiment with different styles of text and start to think about the ways in which I can apply transitions within my video. 

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