Friday, 17 January 2014

Infographic: Ideas & Styles

After discussing my idea with Phil about my Infographic I decided from the feedback to go and research different styles of generic stickmen/silhouettes. As I want to depict a young character (student) in my Infographic.

Style 1

At first I was thinking of having a generic black stick man as the main character and having the style coincide with this for my info-graphic, however when researching in depth and looking at the different ways in which I could design the simplistic style that I intended to have, I have come up with a few different ways in with how I can go about design. In both videos, they both feature characters which is the focal point in the animation, however there is no real environment shown, it's loosely applied in the background - this is something I would like to apply to my own infographic.

Style 2

I also thought about this style of featuring more realistic silhouettes, when applying this style to my idea for my infographic I thought about using a male teenager and animating the character in after effects, to get the idea of the movement shown in the video. Also I like the subtle designs used for the environment, and the gradient overlay. 

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