Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Infographic: Further Research

Whilst researching about boredom, I came across some facts that I would like to include in my video.
  • People who tend to get bored more often are at more risk of drug and alcohol addictions, and are more likely to suffer from depression 
  • Individuals who have less dopamine receptors in the brain are more likely to experience the feeling of boredom 
  • Boredom is described as an emotion, in terms of scale it's described as a light form of 'disgust'
  • 'Emotions are there to help us react to, register and regulate our response to stimulus from our environment, Boredom therefore, can be a kind of early warning system. We don't usually take it as a warning  - but children do, they badger you to get you out of the situation.' (Jean Paul Sartres, 'Existential Boredom'.
  • 'Nothing speeds brain atrophy more than being immobilised in the same environment; the monotony undermines our dopomine and attentional systems crucial to maintaining brain plasticity' (Peter Toohey, 'Boredom, A Lively History'

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