Friday, 31 January 2014

Infographic: After Effects Tests

Here I worked on the title for my Infographic and a drawing I created on illustrator - my goal was to make these look as though it was hand-drawn. On the second video shown, I played around with the turbulent displace effect on After Effects, which created the jittery, drawn effect. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Infographic: Revisiting Style Influences

After discussing possible styles for my Infographic in my tutorial I decided to stick with a drawn/line art style for it,. This simple style correlates to the subject of boredom and overall would be an appropriate theme.

The idea of showing drawn illustrations to exemplify 'The Anatomy Of Boredom' on a form of a canvas would be an interesting and appealing approach to my infographic. This simple line art relates can relate to the act of 'doodling' when being bored. 


img 3

img 24

Friday, 17 January 2014

Infographic: Ideas & Styles

After discussing my idea with Phil about my Infographic I decided from the feedback to go and research different styles of generic stickmen/silhouettes. As I want to depict a young character (student) in my Infographic.

Style 1

At first I was thinking of having a generic black stick man as the main character and having the style coincide with this for my info-graphic, however when researching in depth and looking at the different ways in which I could design the simplistic style that I intended to have, I have come up with a few different ways in with how I can go about design. In both videos, they both feature characters which is the focal point in the animation, however there is no real environment shown, it's loosely applied in the background - this is something I would like to apply to my own infographic.

Style 2

I also thought about this style of featuring more realistic silhouettes, when applying this style to my idea for my infographic I thought about using a male teenager and animating the character in after effects, to get the idea of the movement shown in the video. Also I like the subtle designs used for the environment, and the gradient overlay. 

Maya Tutorials - Modelling Part 2: UV Layout

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Infographic: Further Research

Whilst researching about boredom, I came across some facts that I would like to include in my video.
  • People who tend to get bored more often are at more risk of drug and alcohol addictions, and are more likely to suffer from depression 
  • Individuals who have less dopamine receptors in the brain are more likely to experience the feeling of boredom 
  • Boredom is described as an emotion, in terms of scale it's described as a light form of 'disgust'
  • 'Emotions are there to help us react to, register and regulate our response to stimulus from our environment, Boredom therefore, can be a kind of early warning system. We don't usually take it as a warning  - but children do, they badger you to get you out of the situation.' (Jean Paul Sartres, 'Existential Boredom'.
  • 'Nothing speeds brain atrophy more than being immobilised in the same environment; the monotony undermines our dopomine and attentional systems crucial to maintaining brain plasticity' (Peter Toohey, 'Boredom, A Lively History'

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Video Infogaphic: Considering Styles & Target Audience

Since my Infographic revolves around the subject of boredom, I am considering to incorporate a simple and minimalistic design to coincide with it. I was influenced by a number of infographic videos which include elements of simple designs -


I like how the focus of the animation is central- very clear and easily understandable for the audience. I also particularly like the same theme of colours which is featured throughout the video.

This video uses simple, visual demonstrations which relate to teenagers by using social elements e.g. facebook, student hand in's (deadlines). This is something I would mention to engage my target audience of 15-25 year old's. 

The transitional effects used is very fluid and creative, and visually compelling. After creating the script for my infographic, I will start to experiment with different styles of text and start to think about the ways in which I can apply transitions within my video. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

The Anatomy of Boredom Research

After receiving feedback from the pitch I decided to go with the title - 'The Anatomy Of Boredom'. Here is some research I conducted based on my topic.

Upon my research I came across this video, which discusses the different explanations of the concept of boredom, and refers to studies that has been carried out upon the topic.

The video refers to the distractions from boredom such as facebook, twitter, phones and apps - something that I would consider mentioning to engage the audience. My aim is to suggest reliable facts about boredom in my infographic however I want it to be funny to attract students, around the ages of 15-25.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Character Design Final Presentation - 'JO'


Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 6

Character: Villian Development

My villain 'Castello' grows up hating his fathers company the castello industries which specialise in advanced technology, and created the robots which live amongst the humans in my world. His father owned his own personal robot which he favoured more than his son. My villain grew up resenting the robot and when his father died, he took his place as the owner of the company and killed the robot. He captured a scientist who used to experiment on cross species genetics with technology His task is to get rid of all of the robots.


These thumbnails was produced when I was trying to figure out my character, I wanted him to look smart, posh and show that he is from a wealthy background, But upon discussing his clothes with others, It needed to relate to the futuristic time period in which my world is set in.

With this in mind, I went back and did some more thumbnails on his costume, making it more stylistic and futuristic.