Friday, 27 December 2013

Character: Story Development & Thumbnails

From my three Topics : Sci-fi, Dinosaurs, Escape, I created a story which is based in a sci-fi world which is set in the year 2100's. A  line up of robots was created by a family business set in America (Castello Industries), a multi-millionaire company which specialises in advanced technology. 

My hero Jo was part of a line up which allowed her to act like a human - such as having concious thoughts, having free will, and ageing. 
Different experiments had been made with robots, such as making each individual robot a different age/ creating robot families. My protagonist Jo was part of new experiment -. Her along with 29 other people were created to perform as humans in terms, of growth/aging process, and the ability to think and make choices, and to feel emotions. The experiment worked, and tests and tasks were set for the robots so the scientists could experiment with, Jo however overheard the scientist one day, and heard that their plan to experiment further was aborted, and that they needed to destroy the robots from this experiment due to the dangers it could create. A man named Jared helped Jo, and a new born (lily) escape however some were destroyed, and some others had made their own way out.

Jo grows up fending for the two characters who had helped her, she's a rebellious, tombyish, quirky, strong character who disguises as a human to get utilities and money for jared and lily, Growing up Jared got caught stealing, and was later recognised as one of the robots from the experiment which was meant to be terminated, he was beaten and nearly destroyed however he survived but lost his arm in the battle, which meant that Jo - the strongest of the three had to look after them.

By law, robots had to be owned by a human, and the robots were programmed to obey to the commands that humans gave them. Jo had a few attempts to act like a robot to get by, however she struggled alot with this and got suspicious looks due to her human characteristics, so she covers up and acts like a human instead. 

This is my development on my hero so far, with the thumbnails I had created before I combined elements of the features I preferred, I wanted her to look fairly new and young. I am now starting to think of her outfit when she disguises as a human. 

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