Friday, 27 December 2013

Character: Sidekick Character Profile & Thumbnails

My sidekick Starts off as a henchman for my villian, Castello who forces a family business partner (who works as the head scientists for his company) to create a line of robots which obeyed only to his command. Castello informed the scientist to make them un-human like and more animalistic and scary and came up with the idea of incorporating dinosaur-like features. He wanted him to also make him a special one, a robot more powerful than the rest so he could use it as a bodyguard. When the scientist is in the process of making this, he becomes more aware of the terrible dangers this machine could do under the command of Castello, so when building it, he secretly creates a system which allows a user to override the robot.
When the scientist escapes, goes into hiding, stumbles into Jo and informs her of what is happening, they decide to undergo a mission to overide the machine and kill Castello.
Later in the season Jo and Omar have a plan of attack and they fight, and achieve their mission to some level. They were able to overide the machine, however Castello got away. 

This robot then becomes the sidekick for the hero, Omar builds on him further to allow him to interact socially. CJ becomes more emotionally attached to Jo and her family and Omar as the series progresses and does whatever they command to protect them.

These are the thumbnails I created for the sidekick, I used influences of robot designs and attempted to subtly incorporate dinosaur features within them.

Any feedback on which design/ elements I should develop on, would be much appreciated! :)

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