Monday, 25 November 2013

Narrative: Compositing tests

 I was experimenting with various tools within after effects, and ended up creating a dusty effect and applied it to one of our renders to see how it could work. 

Narrative: Texturing The Bird

We decided to re-texture the bird so it looked more like the concept we created. 

Shading Tests

Final Renders

Texture Maps


Shoulders & Clavicle's



Friday, 22 November 2013

Character: Heroine Thumbnails

Here are some more sketches for my Heroine, and this time I attempted to make the body appear more proportionate. I combined various elements that I preferred, from my previous thumbnails to form new designs and I feel as if (1) would be a good design to elaborate on. Any feedback would be much appreciated :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Maya Tutorials: Head Modelling Part 8: The Neck

Character: Heroine Influences & Drawings

Here are some rough thumbnails I experimented with by using my influence map.

Here are some thumbnails of my heroine's face, I decided to first try out different designs in the profile view to get a better understanding of the mechanical nature of her head. I also took advice from Justin about how to make the face appear younger, after struggling with my first attempt (1) as it looked too mature. So with the other versions, I made the jawline appear smaller and softer.

I also did some rough thumbnails of her body - I mainly wanted to focus on her body shape and specifically the upper-body, so then I would be able to elaborate in detail in the future. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Narrative: Mechanics Of The Bird


Here was our original concept for the insides of our bird, it was a glass cylinder which would attach to the spine of the bird. The cogs within them would be powered by air which travels inside the cylinder and pump it into the air bags, which represents the bird's lungs. 


However when I came to modeling I noticed that the cylinder wouldn't be able to bend with the spine of our model, so I changed the design of the model to something which would be more appropriate for animating.

Maya Tutorials: Head Modelling Part 7: The Ear

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Narrative: Texturing and Shading The Nest

UV Maps

I re-modelled some parts of the nest to reduce the polycount as there was a lot of geometry. and made the base of the nest more flat and wider to have more room to animate in. 

Render Tests

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Narrative: Modelling

As part of our group I was in charge of modelling the nest and the egg. Using the different twigs which I first modeled, I duplicated and combined them using half a sphere as a base to work from.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Character Design: Week 6 - Character Silhouette

Character Design: Week 5

In week 5's lesson we learnt about the anatomy of the body to get a good understanding of character poses. We were separated into groups and were given a scenario to act out and get reference from when drawing. Our group got 'commanding a servant' and we each took turns to pose and draw each other. We then discussed facial expressions within character and we experimented with this with existing character's.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Narrative: Staging

Upon discussing our second version in our tutorial we concluded that we needed to re-think about our staging within our story. Since our animation is based on the birth of science we decided to focus more on the first act where the bird hatches. 

As a group we started to look at how a real bird hatches from the egg- it's a slow process in which the bird starts to peck the egg with its beak near the top and then pushes it's body outwards to stretch the egg open, to which it finally falls out at the top of the egg.
In our animation we want to really focus on this process, so instead of having a camera which revolves around the egg, we want it to be fairly steady.  

We also talked about the positioning of the nest and the bird itself - rather than showing the whole church at the end we discussed that it would probably be more suitable if we focused at the front of the church where the stain glass window would be positioned, in that sense it would be more symbolic and powerful it terms of its staging and it's meaning.
The camera still could pan downwards as it begins to take off, which would reveal the stain glass window and the alter and the bird flying through it.

Character: Week 4

In week 4's character workshop we started to look at anatomy of shapes; we were told to focus on the build and structure of the character to get a better feel of character design. We then experimented with changing the shapes of characters and to get a better understanding of the possible variations of anatomy for the character.