Monday, 21 October 2013

Character Project

My three chosen topics for my character project are:


Dinosaurs are of the clade 'Dinosauria' which existed approximately 231.4 million years ago. They were predators, and in terms of story and films, they are seen as evil, destructive creatures e.g Jurrasic Park, Godzilla. 

Science fiction is based off of science-related subjects/situations, and depictions of this within films, books etc involve theories and ideas - alien life/worlds, time travel, and other futuristic elements - robots, advanced machine, weaponry.

Initial Thoughts

Overall I feel the genres could correspond to the theme of escape quite well. My descriptions of the genres above were my first thoughts and descriptions of them, so in terms of my plot ideas Dinosaurs I'm beginning to see a futuristic world, which could possibly involve robotic dinosaurs/ Sci-Fi inventions based off of creatures, alien invasions from a race of creatures which could take a dinosaur form. The theme of escape could be represented as an effect of this particular invasion.

Week 1 Excersize

After we got our topics for design project in week 1, we participated in an excersize which required us to create characters according to the themes we had gotten. I had mutant and fantasy, so in terms of character design I instantly thought of a human transformation into a fantasy creature of some sort.

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