Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Character: Ideas

Topics - Dinosaurs, Science Fiction & Escape

I decided to brainstorm Ideas that were forming in my head as a way to express my rough ideas. My first Idea for my story was based on an undeveloped robot who aspired to be one of the new invented robots- the theme of escape could be the characters escape from his own identity. He stumbles across a character who is a scientist, who created the new line up of robots and helps him undergo a transformation which makes him more powerful. However, the scientist wants him to defeat his unknown creation that has gone darkside

I started researching dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs and sketching ones that seemed interesting in terms of design. Based off of my idea the scientists unknown creation could be robotic- dinosaur, a faulty invention which has turned against him.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Narrative: Character Development

George's Concept

Here is our latest concept of our character for the group project. We decided as a group to combine our designs to improve our character concept, and focus more on the mechanics of the bird to see how it can transform. Here I re-worked on George's concept, changing the joints to spheres which allows the bird to swivel its wings and legs, making the ribs more rounder and softer and the colours more paler.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Narrative: Environment Concept

Here is a thumbnail I did for our environment concept based off of the influence maps I conducted for our project.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Character: Week 2

In our character class last week, we learnt about shapes and the different proportions of certain characters that represent their characteristics. For our first excersize, we each got a different character to draw and I got Gru from Despicable Me. When analysing the shape of his body I recognised triangular and circular shapes,- Triangles within the shapes of characters usually mean that they're dangerous and evil whereas circular shapes are friendly and welcoming. The combination of the two does in fact describe the character of Gru very well, as we are introduced to him as villian from the start of the film however once it becomes his responsibility to look after the orphaned children, he becomes more friendly. Our task was to draw another version of our character using different shapes, so I used more circles for version 2, making Gru more friendlier than he already looks.

Our next task was to use different styles in character design. I personally feel more comfortable drawing more realistic characters, so I started off by drawing a fantasy based character that I stumbled across, in the style I prefer to draw in. Then I simplified the character by excluding certain details and the shading. 

Character Project

My three chosen topics for my character project are:


Dinosaurs are of the clade 'Dinosauria' which existed approximately 231.4 million years ago. They were predators, and in terms of story and films, they are seen as evil, destructive creatures e.g Jurrasic Park, Godzilla. 

Science fiction is based off of science-related subjects/situations, and depictions of this within films, books etc involve theories and ideas - alien life/worlds, time travel, and other futuristic elements - robots, advanced machine, weaponry.

Initial Thoughts

Overall I feel the genres could correspond to the theme of escape quite well. My descriptions of the genres above were my first thoughts and descriptions of them, so in terms of my plot ideas Dinosaurs I'm beginning to see a futuristic world, which could possibly involve robotic dinosaurs/ Sci-Fi inventions based off of creatures, alien invasions from a race of creatures which could take a dinosaur form. The theme of escape could be represented as an effect of this particular invasion.

Week 1 Excersize

After we got our topics for design project in week 1, we participated in an excersize which required us to create characters according to the themes we had gotten. I had mutant and fantasy, so in terms of character design I instantly thought of a human transformation into a fantasy creature of some sort.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Group Project: Character Concept

Upon discussing the design of our character, we needed to make the bird look less intimidating and more friendlier, here is a rework of a thumbnail I did as a initial design - I attempted to make the bird more innocent making the body smaller, more flexible as opposed to rigid and I used softer colours

The Hero's Journey: Wanted (2008)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Group Project: Influential Videos


When finalising our idea based on the transformation of a mechanical bird in a natural environment, we started to look at videos which might help us visualise different scenes for our final animation. This video involves long takes, and slow paced camera movements which creates a dramatic effect.  We all thought these aspects could be a nice touch, as our intention is for the audience to be moved by our short animation.


We all liked the idea about how mechanics vs nature was represented in this animation, and also the use of the low angles and the swaying camera movements when the mechanical animals were running through the forest. We also liked the use of sound - the soft music and sound effects, it creates a more touching finalised short.


The ambient flow of the music is quite spacial which compliments the flow of the animation itself. We want to achieve a well rounded combination of the two which sets the tone of our story.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Maya Tutorials: Lip Syncing Part 3: Adding Phoneme's & Viseme's

Maya Tutorials: Lip Syncing Part 2: Jaw Bounce


Here is my contribution to the research for our group project. I started off by researching main facts about the renaissance period to gain basic knowledge of the period, and then went into researching about Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous artist who was known for his works in relation to it. When discussing immediate ideas about plots with the group, we came up with some in relation to the creations and inventions of Da Vinci's, by researching this now, we will be able to build on facts about him which will make our stories more credible.