Monday, 22 April 2013

CG Artist's Toolkit: Maya - Lighting And Rendering 1: Intro to Lighting

Part 1: Exterior Lighting - Mid Day

Part 2: Exterior Lighting - Sunset

Part 3: Exterior Lighting - Romantic

Part 4: Exterior Lighting - Night

Part 5: Interior Lighting - Sunset

Friday, 19 April 2013

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cell Cycle Animatic

Here is my finalized version of my animatic.

Concept Change

Here I changed the designs of all the organelles within the cell, i wanted to achieve a simplistic and colourful design to fit within the theme of my animation

Cell Concept 

My first idea was to have the cell turn into a spiral to show what was inside, however I thought that it got in the way of showing the organelles. So I changed the concept of the cell itself so it could open up with a hinge  attached to it.

Restriction Point

In terms of the design, I wanted to make it quite quirky and illustrative so I wanted to show the cell getting locked down by jail bars that appear either side of the cell, a beam of light would appear to show that its getting checked.

The G0 phase

This design shows what happens to cells when they don't replicate properly and enter the GO phase

Cell Death

This design shows when errors occur during the S phase, it may result in cell death or disease. I thought by using a gravestone for the cell would add a comedic quality to my animation.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

CG Artists Toolkit: Maya - Introduction to Shading Nodes : 2D & 3D Textures

Surface Texturing Part 1: Maya Fur Presets

   Bear Fur                                            Bison Fur

 Porcupine Fur                                    Sheep Fur

25% Blends

Experimenting with Length & Self Shade

      Polar Bear Fur                                    Length Increased

    Using Raytrace Shadows                        Self-Shade Experiment

Experimenting with Density and Baldness

                                   Bear Fur with default light                                Density

                                                    Global Scale                                         Baldness

Experimenting with Scraggle, Clumping and baldness

        No Scraggle                                           With Scraggle

With Clumping

   Baldness - Linear Interpolation            Baldness - None Interpolation

                            Tip Opacity                                        Base & Tip width

 Tip Curl 

Surface Texturing Part 2: Fur Hat

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Voice Over Script

Here is my finalised version of my script for the voice over based on the cell cycle of the eukaryotic cell, with the help of Phil and Dr Klappa 

Monday, 1 April 2013

CG Artists Toolkit: Maya - Introduction to Shading Nodes : 2D & 3D Textures

Ulitliies & Shading Networks:

Sampler Info Node (Double Sided Shader)

Sampler Info Node (Xray's)

Sampler Info Node (Faked Rim Lights)

Sampler Info Node (Transparency)