Saturday, 30 March 2013

Established Idea & Influences

My story line will be based on the cell cycle of Eukaryotic cell, I will go into detail about Interphase, which would include the explanations of what happens during the different phases (G0, G1, S, G2) then have a brief overview of the M Phase (Mitosis). This is to commit to creating a 2 minute animation, as I feel it would be too long if I were to go into more detail about Mitosis and the different phases within it. In order to achieve a good explanation of the cell cycle I wish to have a voice over.
In terms of the art direction I want the camera to focus in the center where the animation itself would occur. I would like my designs to be illustrative and colourful. But most of all I want the style to be quite simplistic.

Here are some videos I looked at for influence:

I like the smooth transitioning and the pace in these videos which is an element I wish to include in my animation, I feel the way in which the topic of each video is explained makes it understandable to the audience especially the younger demographic. The combination of music, a voice over and sound effects makes the video very easy to understand and learn.

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