Friday, 8 February 2013

Prop - Roller Skates


I started by looking at generic roller skates, I particularly wanted to have skates which 4 wheels in a row as opposed to two wheels on each side because it looks more futuristic rather than quite old school. I used marty mcfly's (back to the future) shoes as reference, as I quite liked the luminous colours it has on the back and the front.
Starting off with a silhouette I wanted to achieve this futuristic look,  however I wanted it to seem as futuristic as it could get for a 16 year old inventor to make, so I kept the roller-skate features the same (straps/design) but I added wires at the back to suggest that he worked it himself, it's use is to supply the power for the super-speed option it has at the back.

Final Concept

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  1. I like that they look as though he's added to normal roller skates rather than making a whole new set. I can imagine bright blue flames coming out of the back when he uses the super speed option