Friday, 8 February 2013

Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 10/02/2013

    Hey Nadia,

    Look, I know you've been having a crappy time what with one thing and another, but let me just say this: you've got a lovely story idea, the beginnings of a very appealing character, and the potential to resolve this project very successfully. All I can do is cheerlead you in this instance and push you to invest all your energies in making this work out for you - with all the bells and whistles - and no sheepishness come crit-day, and no apologies.

    Your storyboard is very, very basic - and it feels as if it starts midway through act 2 - or am I missing something? Just to restate: I will be looking for clear evidence that you've been working with the various storyboarding resources on myUCA to ensure that your storyboards are using industry-recognised conventions in regard to communicating camera and action etc.

    In terms of prop design - I don't think you're being as properly creative around the idea of these inventions as a designer-for-animation could and should be: props - especially comedic ones - tend to be larger than life - so surely those rocket-powered roller-boots need more conspicuous rockets on them! Likewise, the girl's scooter; this isn't a subtle universe - this is a cute, quirky universe, and I encourage you to buy in a bit more; so, for your reference:

    I think a bit of retro styling will help you here too.

    So - simple advice - if you can't be happy, be productive - put this project at the centre of your life for the next 2 weeks and knock the ball out of the park!