Friday, 8 February 2013

Character Designs

Idea 1

I started off by designing a character which felt like it had fitted the character of Alvin from my script- I wanted to create a cartoon/pixar look. So I went ahead and decided to develop onto this idea by creating his different emotions to see if it would work and then I developed it further by editing it on Photoshop  However before persisting with one idea I decided to do some rough variations for other possible ones.


I made some subtle differences to the hairline and the nose shape, as I wanted to keep the original face shape. However I do feel my first idea was best


  1. Hey :) I think that your first character (the one you've developed further) looks good. He seems nerdy and cute especially in the middle expression :) I'd like to see the expressions sheet with the developed character cos I'm not sure if he looks better with or without glasses

  2. Hey Nadia :) Fab to see these design sheets - I like your more developed series with the fatter nose, but there's something very charming potentially about drawing 1 on the final sheet, with the slimmed down nose - he looks very sparky here.