Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Character Designs

Here are my finalised characters and thier outfits for my animation. I attempted to design them in a pixar/3D animated style to fit in with my world.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Prop Designs - Rollerskates

Here are some rough designs for my roller skates in reference to my Influence Map, I attempted to create designs according to my pixar-like, animated worl. Any ideas of which design I should take further?

Influence Map - Prop

Prop - Roller- skates Influence Map

 After feedback from Phil I decided to redo my design for my prop, I looked at images that had more relevance to my world that I am creating, something more quirky and abstract.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

CG Artists Toolkit: Maya - Intro to Autodesk Maya

Texturing and Shaders

Texturing Part 1 - Common Shaders

Texturing Part 2 - UV Maps

Character Part 2: Texturing

Friday, 8 February 2013

Online Greenlight Review

Film Review - Rope

Prop - Roller Skates


I started by looking at generic roller skates, I particularly wanted to have skates which 4 wheels in a row as opposed to two wheels on each side because it looks more futuristic rather than quite old school. I used marty mcfly's (back to the future) shoes as reference, as I quite liked the luminous colours it has on the back and the front.
Starting off with a silhouette I wanted to achieve this futuristic look,  however I wanted it to seem as futuristic as it could get for a 16 year old inventor to make, so I kept the roller-skate features the same (straps/design) but I added wires at the back to suggest that he worked it himself, it's use is to supply the power for the super-speed option it has at the back.

Final Concept

Character Designs

Idea 1

I started off by designing a character which felt like it had fitted the character of Alvin from my script- I wanted to create a cartoon/pixar look. So I went ahead and decided to develop onto this idea by creating his different emotions to see if it would work and then I developed it further by editing it on Photoshop  However before persisting with one idea I decided to do some rough variations for other possible ones.


I made some subtle differences to the hairline and the nose shape, as I wanted to keep the original face shape. However I do feel my first idea was best

Monday, 4 February 2013

La Jetée

Character Influence Maps

Influence Map - Alvin

These are influences for my character-Alvin, In terms of character design I want to portray his awkward nature, and I think by having a tall, skinny and an essentially quite nerdy looking teenage boy would express this. I've previously discussed how I've used the two characters from 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs', and 'ratatouille' as reference in terms of their personality and characteristics, however their appearance reflect upon this and I would like to use them as reference for my designs.

Influence Map - Penelope 

In terms of Penelope's character I would like to portray her as being quite arrogant and competitive at the beginning/middle of my story, Her fashion sense would be 'preppy' e.g pleated skirts, headbands, buttoned up cardigans etc to suit her nature. 

Secondary Action & Overlap: Hanging Chain