Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Unit Storytelling and Commission: Project 1 - Script to Screen

Character: Day-To-Day Salesman 
Hero Prop: Roller Skates
Environment: Laboratory 

After briefly thinking about the possible ways of which my character, hero prop and laboratory can relate to eachother I wanted to write down all my thoughts on possible story lines for my script.

Initial thoughts On Possible Stories: 

1a) My character being a 'day-to-day salesman' could be a low profile inventor who sells or attempts to sell his inventions for a living. One of his new inventions could be my hero prop (roller skates) which could have a particular power, such as roller skates which have a fast speed option, that can fly?

1b) The day-to-day salesman/inventor could be competing against a famous inventor who has recently made the new super-speed roller skates. due to their background in competing my character tries to top his invention and win his rightful fame. 

2a) A day-to-day salesman who rides on roller skates and delivers packages from or to the laboratory, further along the story one of the deliveries could go horribly wrong due to an accident on his skates, visualized in a  comedic way.

2b) A curious Day-To-Day Salesman who delivers packages from the laboratory, spots a package which reads confidential, he opens it finding the new invention of the flying roller skates. He steals it and tries it on and all hell breaks loose-Comedy.

These are the brief ideas I have in my head so far, due to the nature of these ideas I realised I'm visualising my story in more of a comedic way which is because I feel the roller skates could have a funny impact to my script.

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  1. I really like the idea of a 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' type inventor who sells his inventions door to door and it seems like the roller skates could add comedy to your story.