Thursday, 24 January 2013

Script Ideas

Idea 2 (Further explored)

Here I have created a new plot for my animation based on my Idea I had previously explained about having two door-to-door salesmen competing against each other.

My character would have his own miniature lab as he is aspiring to be an inventor, he has this new invention of cupcakes which has a special ingredient and makes it a well-known product in his neighborhood. He rides on his super speed roller-skates which he had made previously which allows him to travel faster and deliver good service. I feel to include a headline in a newspaper at the start of the scene showing his achievement in his inventions. He is seen looking at it one day while he delivering, and that's when another character is introduced. Its a girl from his high school who essentially has the the same characteristics as my main character, she's quite nerdy, and she is an aspiring inventor too, however she is seen as his competitor. She is seen selling mini cookies on a scooter which has a speed option however it turns out to be more effective than my characters roller skates. This leads him to create a new invention  which turns out to be even more effective, then she tops that with another invention, so on so fourth. They both come to the point where they build a high-tech invention such as jet packs. They wear it one afternoon, and they both notice there's only one door left to knock on, they both fight to sell their product and fly towards the door. In the meantime a kid comes out of the door that they are aiming at, the kid stops and sees the two inventors characters fly towards him. The characters end up colliding into each other and the products fly in the air, the mini cookies fly out the boxes and fall onto the cupcakes when it hits the floor. The kid stares at the cupcake sprinkled with mini cookies, he runs ups to it and eats it. This then sparks an idea for my two characters to sell 'mini cookie cupcakes'.


  1. cute, Nadia! And there maybe even a whiff of 'romance between 2 nerds' getting started here too. In terms of Act 2, an escalation of 3 scenarios before the final jet-pack collisions is probably about right, so I suggest you identify these set-ups now and really seek to stage them as dynamically as possible. Have fun!