Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Script Ideas

Idea 2

After feedback from Phil I decided to use the idea of having two door to door salesman competing against each other, the laboratory could be used to create inventions to make them move faster and deliver more quickly. In the end the two salesmen learn their lessons when they realise they don't get what they want due to their greed.


'One Man Band'

The short animation 'One Man Band' created by Pixar shows the concept of the two competitors fighting for what they want, in terms of this film, the two competitors are trying to win the girls money, but as it turns out the catastrophe created by them competing caused the little girl to lose her coin. And even though she does end up regaining even more money than she lost, she teased them with her money and then threw it in the fountain to get revenge that they deserved to have. 

'Tortoise and the Hare'

The story behind the Tortoise and the hare shows that those who fight will win.  and even though the hare was better suited physically for the race his arrogance and self confidence makes him lose. I'm influenced by this concept of the Hare's thinking, of how he's too arrogant to see whats coming as this teaches himself and the audience a lesson.

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  1. Hey Nadia,

    Yep - One Man Band is a great example of that kind of escalation narrative which builds and builds, but ends with 'no winners' - perhaps you need a similar device, whereby both door-to-door salesmen are finally competing for the attention of one little old lady: I'm thinking now you could have an Inspector Gadget-style face-off between the two salesmen, from this:

    to this!

    ... and finally, the little old lady does....?