Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Script Ideas

I am currently visualizing different scenarios for my script that would revolve around a comedic story, I was originally thinking of having the day to day salesman working as an inventor, who works in a laboratory, however I thought that they could be two separate characters which can cause conflict in some way which could make the story interesting.

Idea 1
Set in the morning

A young boy in his teens recently started his job as a day to day salesman. His job is to go by door to door and sell electrical equipment for a company to customers. He is seen as being a clumsy, friendly but nervous and awkward person, which makes him a bit unlucky when it comes to sales.


Flint Lockwood - Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

In Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Flint Lockwood is a young inventor, he creates inventions which never turn out to be right, he has a awkward personality which can be seen as funny to the audience

Linguine- Ratatouille

In Ratatouille Linguine gets a job at a famous restaurant after just hearing the news that the head chef who has just passed away. However we see that hes not very fit to be a chef due to his clumsy, and awkward nature much like Flint Lockwood.
In terms of my characters personalities I want to use the characters of Flint Lockwood and Linguini as reference, they work in jobs which involve disastrous and funny situations due to their clumsy natures-something which I would like to include in my story.

Story continued...
He stumbles across a house (somewhat like Edward's house in Edward Scissorhands- a location that is quite obviously unordinary) He usually avoids going to the place from its odd location however, he changes his mind due to the lack sales hes making.
My character nervously knocks on the door, and he is immediately visited by a small funny looking man with round magnified glasses (he's a scientist), in a white lab-coat  my character shows him the equipment hes trying to sell, at first the man seems uninterested, as he glares straight at him without reacting, but when my character shows him a plug-in the scientist's eye widens and he reacts immediately, he tells him to come inside his house while he goes upstairs to get money.
My character being quite nosy steps out the hallway and looks curiously into the living room he trips and falls while admiring a object on the shelf, and hits his elbow on a small lever on the side of the wall without knowing. When the lever is pulled, the room transforms into a laboratory to only which my character realises when he gets up and brushes himself off.
He is shocked, acts quite nervously as he inspects the area, he looks at the scientists lab desk to which finds a peculiar looking box sitting on top of it. When he opens it he finds rollerskates which float out from the box and glow (I can imagine a heavenly sound effect as the roller skates appear out of the box). He acts instinctively, and tries on the rollerskates, and at this point the scientist comes back and finds him in the laboratory. Once he realises what my character has done, and he realises that he's wearing the skates, he runs after him,
My character and the scientist then have a fight sequence, the scientist unexpectedly has karate fight skills, (which I think would add comedy into the story) while my character tries to runway from him, he realises that the roller skates can make him teleport which helps him escape but he is not sure how it entirely works. Whenever the scientist tries to grab him my character randomly teleports to another part of the room,  finally the scientist has him, my character trips on the floor while the scientist jumps in the air to try and grab him (all happening in slow motion) my character flinches and puts his hands over his face to which he teleports again. The scientist is seen slamming on to the ground with my character gone entirely, he looks around the room and punches the ground in frustration.
Meanwhile, my character lands in a very random place which would add a comedic ending
- He could end up on a mountain, somewhere high up on a landmark
-He could land on a moving animal, such as a camel in the desert or a giant elephant in africa
-He can land in a space shuttle ready to launch in space

Im not very sure how to end this story yet, but I want it to be quite unexpected and funny, I also want it to end with my characters voice shouting help, or yelling.





  1. I really like this idea. For the ending, I think that having him end up somewhere high up that seems impossible to get down from could be quite comical and could add sense of just rewards - punishment for stealing the roller skates.

  2. Hey Nadia :)

    It seems to me that one of the problems of your *door-to-door* salesman could be that he's too slow; doesn't get to enough houses - a salesman on roller-skates would be much more efficient (or much more likely to get into comedic scrapes!). There's also the idea that the lab belongs to the door-to-door salesman; i.e. that in this lab he creates the products he then tries and sells; so he could be that inventor character too. It's an Americanism, but selling cookies door-to-door is an established idea (think Despicable Me), so maybe in his lab, your character is formulating amazing cookies. I can see how he might deliver his stuff on those rocket-powered rollerskates too...

  3. Hey Nadia,

    See link!


    Cheers! :D

  4. 2 salesman - character vs character - lab used to formulate more and more outlandish ways to a) go faster b) deliver more things more quickly etc. With character vs character narratives based around pursuit of goal often both characters miss out on goal due to greed - cautionary tale..

    consider tortoise and hare structure perhaps?