Friday, 30 November 2012

Progress on my final concept

After a talk with Phil today I realised that some elements didn't fit in with the perspective with the room such as the desk, it was originally too low, so by using the perspective grid it helped me understand my space a whole lot better. I also realised how adding something to the foreground directs the attention of the viewer to the space and it doesn't make the space look too distant to the audience as it had previously. Thanks Phil! The foreground element of the shelf would be a good place to put my hero prop (amulet) by resting on an object, an ornament in relation to the voodoo, superstitious  scary vibe. At the moment the object on the shelf is starting to look like a miniature grim reaper which I think would add a nice effect to my space- it would signify the death of his fiancee. To reflect upon my character, I started adding voodoo dolls to the shelves and added more clutter to emphasize my characters motives. 
I did want to originally experiment with other colours, other than green as I used intensively in my last project, however the colour does fit the mood really well. I was going to use blue but this gave a feeling of loneliness and sadness, something I didnt want to express entirely in my space. I think the use of green gives a mysterious vibe to the audience, and relates to the voodoo aspects of my character. But it also gives the feeling of melancholy which would express my characters mood.
 I will look into adding more detail, more voodoo dolls on the shelves, more clutter and more lighting, and also adding the amulet to the object.

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  1. looking increasingly credible and resolved, Nadia, but be careful you're not falling behind with everything else - film reviews for example, and how's the modelling going? Maya tutorials etc... Trust me - you don't want to be saving that lot up for your final two weeks alongside everything else. You simply won't make it over the line. If you have done the work, but haven't updated your blog, I suggest you do so - if you haven't done the work, can I suggest you use this weekend to clear the decks or risk getting yourself into some very deep, very stressful waters. A bit more attack, Nadia please - a bit more urgency - and a bit more determination to raise your game. I absolutely don't want to be repeating previous feedback when it comes to assessment. Move the discussion along so we can get to the real business of ensuring you're a highly successful cg artist. Time to change gear, Nadia - you know it's true... Looking forward to seeing lots more work on here asap.