Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lair concept 
I decided to change the idea for lair concept, I think I was thinking too hard about how I would come about creating a lair which suggests a voodooist environment. So I decided to think about more about what my character would do in his lair- he would research non-stop, obssessed about finding the murderes that killed his wife, he wouldn't sleep until he gets his revenge. So from his motives, I have the idea in my head to create an office-type layout specifically for research. Now, to express the voodooist aspect of it all I would include things like voodoo dolls,  the design that is drawn on the ground for the ritual performed in voodooism, and possibly chimes/dreamcatcher to suggest his superstitous nature. These elements could show that he is experimenting with voodoo equipment in order to find out who he is, and what he is capable of- this would make his lair more of an experimentation room, as well as a room of which he researches in. It will also include notice boards filled with newsletters and pictures, piles of boxes and letters stacked in corners in relation to his suspects he is hunting down. I want the lair to be messy, to show that he is obssessive about what hes trying to find out.




  1. You've focused more on what your character's space would be than thinking of the generic voodoo lair; this is a pretty good idea, the notice board's very reminiscent of detective films or action TV series like Flashforward or 24, but I can't help thinking that the lair needs to reflect more of his character, you mentioned "messy"...i think you should show more of that, have the scene to be more shocking visually.

  2. I agree with Kinbi. When you mentionned the word messy I envisionned stacks of books scattered everywhere, sheets of information and pictures plastered to walls connected with different coloured string. An obsessive looking room. The thumbnails look a little bit too ordered. I like the idea of the voodoo symbols on the floor. They could be painted everywhere, haphazardly in paint or something. Then from various pins in the cieling dangle those dream catchers and stuff.