Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Initial Thoughts Of My Character:

After a conversation with Phil, I started to actually think about my character and realised I needed to create a back-story for him. Ideas are still swimming in my head at this moment to do with my character, however I do like the idea of him coming from a non-voodooist background but his interest in voodooism, particularly haitian voodoo had drove him into a voodooist environment which involved a ritual, or perhaps a ritual of which he created that only involved himself which went terribly wrong. This ritual could have made him want to contact the spiritual world in order to talk to his lost one (This being a reason of why he was so interested in voodooism in the first place). However he came across the wrong spirit which ends up possessing him, and infecting my character with dark magic. Over a certain amount of time learns how to control his possessed nature, which only left him with the spirit's voodooist magic and dark, powerful powers to which he uses it for good, and to solve mysteries and crimes (without knowing I used a harry potter/lord voldermort reference). I want him to be undercover, and want him to keep his power hidden, as I want to avoid the whole generic investigator/detective character, as discussed with Phil, 'sleuth' seems to mean someone whose instincts fits a role of a detective, but it isn't necessarily his profession/job - basically, an amateur detective.

Similar Character Roles in Movies: 

Harry potter

Figure 1

As mentioned before, theres a harry potter and lord voldermort reference in my initial thoughts for my character profile. This being the dark powers of which Harry has, which was transferred by the dark lord voldermort, in this specific image it shows the effect of the connection that they have between them, and shows how harry is almost possessed by him. Throughout the series it shows the struggle that harry goes through in order to keep voldermort out of his mind to protect himself, and shows how he uses the powers of voldermort such as speaking parseltoungue and powerful magic for good.

I want to express this connection that harry and voldermort has, through my character and the bad spirit, I want his powers to be seen as a gift but also a curse which he can find to be uncontrollable at times- as shown in figure 1.


Figure 2

A comedic TV series which involves a group of teenagers who get powers from a strange storm while doing community service. I like the idea that their undercover and no one knows of their powers, they use it for good, and sometimes for selfish reasons. These young characters seem to have the roles of imperfect heroes, a role of which I think could fit the characteristic of my character.

Jumper-David Rice

Figure 3

David rice in Jumper has the power of teleportation, there isn't too much of a story to this film however I like his attitude towards his power in public, it suggests that he is no more than anyone else. This aspect of his character would fit in the role of mine, as my character would have no reason to gloat or be entirely happy with his power, as the effects from it made him suffer, and in some way would make his attitude to life more care-free.

The Hulk

Figure 4 

The hulk isn't seen as hero, when his transformation takes over him it turns him completely different however when his rage doesn't get the best of him he is seen as the good guy. His power is a curse, and I want my character to see and understand the bad side of it, this affects his view of life and makes him care-free,  and in a way liberal, his fearfulness comes from this, and makes him determined and confident.


Figure 2- 

Figure 3-

Figure 4-


  1. Hey this is really interesting. I really like the idea of semi voodoo cursed super sleuth. The conflict with the power and living in general is a nice angle. Have you had any thoughts as to what kind of a space such a character might live in? I immediately think of those black and white thirties films with a Private Investigator walking around a rather dark office, but yet with Voodoo in mind, I'm wondering if a few relics of the like might be hanging around such a place...

  2. thanks emily! :) I have a few ideas in mind about the lair, which is actually pretty similar to your idea of the office, sort of like a place he comes to do his research on people to help with crimes. As for the voodooism, I'm not sure to sure how to incorporate that with my design yet, something I have to experiment with I think..