Friday, 9 November 2012

Initial thoughts for Hero Prop:
I want my character's hero prop to reflect upon the magical qualities that my character has, or something that marks his possessed nature. The use of the hero prop would be to help him investigate and solve crimes, but the object would have something dark and powerful about it.
My ideas so far:

This amulet will help defeat his possessed nature, and rid all bad thoughts that the bad spirits might bring. It helps him sustain as himself and offers him protection to bad spirits. 

Magnifying Glass
The magnifying glass has more reference towards him being a sleuth, it has the power to look into people souls, and allows him to see the one thing a person truly desires at that moment in time. This allows my character to know a person's initiative when he investigates a certain person. 

Crystal ball
The crystal ball will help my character determine people's fates, which allows him to look in the future and see how a certain situation/crime would go, which offers him a chance to change it for the good.

I wanted this object to be voodoo related in some way, as there has to be a reason or a story of how my character could have got it. I'm thinking it's because after he was possessed, he looked into finding help particularly someone in the voodoo religion. While meeting this person, she/he offers there help by presenting him with an object in which might help him.
In terms of the back story, I feel the amulet would be suitable for my character, as it would seem like a helpful piece offering from the person that my character had met. However I like the idea of the crystal ball, and the magnifying glass as it reflects upon his super-sleuth characteristic.
Anyone have any ideas of what to go with..? Or any other suggestions of some other hero prop that might suit my character?

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