Sunday, 11 November 2012

Influences for my secret lair

This Influence Map represents my characters working space, a place he goes to research further into investigations. Since he is a super sleuth I want his secret Lair to be an office, so within this influence map  I looked at offices that would express his wealthy nature, and I specifically picked those which seemed hidden like the top left image, the structure of office is formed to look as if it was built underground.

This video shows a clip from Pirates of the Carribean 2 in which a group meet a woman to solve their mysteries. The environment of which the woman is shown in expresses the objects and arts of voodooism, the location is in a natural habitat, and is inside a swamp/shack, the natural elements of this interior reflect upon the culture of voodooism in terms of the rituals they perform. The dimly lit room expresses a scary and mysterious vibe, a vibe of which the magic of voodooism might create. 

In my lair I want to include voodoo artifacts, taking influence from the pirates of the carribean link I wanted to use candles to create the voodoo atmosphere, and small objects such as the voodoo doll. The bottom left image of my influence map, shows the markings that voodooist marks on the floor when performing the ritual, something that I will consider using in my designs.

As shown I decided to write down my thought process when looking at these images in Photoshop. From looking at the link of POTC2, I was inspired to locate my lair in a forest which expresses my characters hidden nature, a lair in which no one would ever look for-sounds appealing. The two top images show the influences I would like to use for the exterior-although I'm not necessarily designing the exterior, I still want to get an idea of whats outside my lair, so I can reflect the surroundings into my interior when designing it. As for the 3rd image I annotated, I really like the spirit element, however I'm not sure it will tie together very well when I create this on maya..hmmm... 


  1. This is a great post, Nadia - really clear though process - thumbnails time! :)

  2. This is a really detailed thought process and i really like where you are drawing it all from. I can really see a man cursed (but at the same time saved by) voodoo, seeking refuge in a forest hideout. Your inspirational images are really atmospheric. I can't wait to see your thumbnails.