Sunday, 4 November 2012

Unit 2- Secret Lairs 
Character: Voodoo Super-Sleuth


  1. Hey Nadia - good solid research under the belt - and this is a killer combination; it sort of has a real Scooby-Doo feel about it somehow, as there's something a bit light-hearted about the term 'sleuth' as opposed, say, to Private detective. It has a softer, jokier quality - and also a slight sense of amateur detectives - like Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, or those cosier sort of crime dramas like Agatha Christie's Miss Marple...

    The Voodoo thing is a great opportunity in terms of production design - so many associations and such a clear sense of place. There's that great voodoo-inspired villain in Disney's The Princess and The Frog - and, although Bond may not be your thing - even after You Only Live Twice, there's a lot of voodoo imagery in Live & Let Die.

    I think you need to get yourself a back-story here; with a word like voodoo, you're obviously dealing with magic, spells and curses in addition to the sleuthing - or maybe your sleuth uses magic and spells to catch the criminals? Again it feels like some great television show on American TV 'back in the day'... You know, I'm wondering if you'd considered making your character female? Like a wise-woman - again, looking at this character in The Princess and the Frog for inspiration?

    Anyway, have a think about that word 'sleuth' and its associations - it's definitely not an '18 certificate' word; feels more like something with 'mild peril' and an emphasis on adventure - again, it's a bit Scooby-doo.

  2. Thanks Phil :)
    I didnt actually consider making my character a female, which is bad, but will experiment with the idea