Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thumbnails 32-40
'The Street of Crocodiles'

I decided to develop this image further, as I feel this is most successful developed image that I have created so far.











Through this development you can see the changes, thoughts and decisions I went through on Photoshop when designing it. I was unsure at first of how I would design the 'cheap jerrybuilt houses' that Schulz described so I used reference from the influence map I had made of the Polish ghettos-they were seen as quite plain in terms of architectural design. I started off by designing three unfinished buildings, then duplicating the layers and flipping them vertically and horizontally to create a line of buildings, I also used the perspective and scale tool, to create a well rounded composition. I used some textures in the buildings, the street and the atmosphere to express the gloomy, dark, and old area. The opacity tool came in handy when creating the buildings, and had unintentionally gave it a ghostly effect which might raise the issue of  this area being real, or not real.
At this point I wish to finalise this image, as I feel it would represent my interpretation of the area of the street of crocodiles. I will look into adding more light, shadows and possibly lamposts, to get a 'street feel'. 


  1. Thumbnail 40 is looking interesting :D

    As you said, once you have added smaller details such as lamp posts and shadows it would appear complete. Some highlights would also bring these aspects to life :)

    Perhaps you could also add a bit of depth of field within the environment so the background is blurred compared to the 'crisp' foreground? It would also add a better sense of scale to your world, and attract the eye to your one point perspective.

    Maybe experiment a little more with this in your thumbnails, just a suggestion :)

  2. Thank you for your advice Jake, I will look into experimenting more with it and adding more depth :D