Monday, 22 October 2012

Thumbnails 26-31
Train Station







These are the developmental thumbnails of my third concept painting of the train station. I wanted to incorporate the tunnel as I had previously said, but I felt the perspective and the composition was wrong in my last thumbnail, so I moved the tunnel in the middle which I felt fitted with the overall image. I started off painting the walls and surroundings from imagination, which I liked the feel of, as shown in thumbnail 26, and 27, however I started linking in textures in the tunnel and the stones beneath the train track, which gave the image a realistic feel to it. Overall I'm quite happy with my development so far, but still have to add amounts of detail in the snake, and the background...and basically the whole image. I'm not sure whether I should keep these dark tones, or add more colour? 

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  1. Okay - well, the real challenge now is how you integrate this 'portrait' composition into a suitably dynamic 16:9 landscape image? Also, the description is 'snake-like' - does it perhaps also need to be nudged towards 'train-like' too?