Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Space and Environment - Cinematic Spaces

"A new CG animated adaptation of a classic story is in pre-production. In response to the source material allocated to you at the briefing, you have been commissioned to produce 3 fully-resolved concept paintings. Your concept paintings should be 16:9 and painted digitally"
For my assignment I was given an excerpt from 'The Street Of Crocodiles' written by Bruno Schulz. As shown below, I had highlighted descriptive elements to help me visualize the 'space and environment' of the story. I had highlighted the environmental descriptions of the areas explained in green, the characters and inhabitants in orange and the characteristics of the city as a whole in yellow. I did this to help me understand the district in different aspects.
From reading and extracting elements in this story, I began to visualize this dull and boring area. To which there is a lack of colour, a grey atmosphere as in a 'black and white photographs' or a 'cheap illustrated catalogues'. Highlighting the characteristics in yellow has helped me focus on understanding the feeling of being in this district, reality was 'as thin as paper' over there, and by being in the area itself 'one gained the impression that one was turning the pages of a prospectus, looking at columns of boring commercial advertisements'.
Street of Crocodiles
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  1. Whoop whoop, Nadia is 'on air'!

    There is a wonderful and disturbing animation of Street of Crocodiles by the great Quay Twins - check it out:

    The thing about this story is that it's in a 'magic realism' tradition - which means that expressionistic, heightened and theatrical approaches are really suited to bringing out the character of the book itself. Be sure to drill into your author research - particularly in regard to his influences etc. While there is something certainly 'unlovely' about these spaces, there is something very atmospheric and other-worldly about them too - which gives you the opportunity to look at things like surrealism, cubism, montage, collage etc. - all in the quest for some amazing filmic vision... Have fun, Nadia. Have LOTS of fun :D

  2. Hey Nadia, Hope the unit is coming along okay,

    We are part of a 4 for our creative partnership as you probably know, and the green light review on the 11th of October requires us to present our active partnership, so any work that you have feedback on just post a comment and we will be feeding back to you :)

    If you are unsure of who your other creative partners are, its Vikki and Jebb whos blogs I will post below :)

    1. oh I wasn't sure who my partners were, thank you!! I will get back to you guys :)