Thursday, 4 October 2012

Life Drawing - Session 1

Previous to this class, I have had some experience in life drawing specifically on my foundation diploma course last year, and was able to familiarise myself with techniques I had learned from then in terms of composition and shading. However I did find myself struggling when it came to the last drawing, - we needed to create a drawing based on the figure and the 'space and environment' which surrounds her. I struggled because I had trouble relating the background to the proportion of the body, and had often made mistakes. But overall I am quite happy with my attempt and I hope to improve!
(Apologies for the quality of the images, was hard to capture the drawings with good lighting) 


  1. Really lovely, Nadia - I like that middle set. A few pointers re. presentation and labelling - as discussed previously, we do ask students to use naming conventions by which to further categorise their work on their blog - so, this post should be labelled 'Toolkit Drawing' in the first instance (using the 'label' option that blogger gives you when you're preparing a post). Also, you might want to consider adding small summaries of the drawing exercises/durations of drawings etc before or below the individual drawings themselves - just putting your own work in context. In terms of presentation, yes, lighting can be an issue, so the suggestion is you only photograph the work using daylight, and you also consider oomphing-up the levels a bit in Photoshop - for example, changing the mode in Photoshop from a colour image to black and white, and then using the levels to whiten the whites and darken the blacks; I've got some links below to the ways in which previous students have presented their drawings to give you some ideas; the point is that you draw well, so let's see you making much more of your work and taking a bit of pride in your own skillset - show off a bit! ;)


    And finally... Your blog template/title etc. is boring, Nadia! You don't even have your name as its title - which you are asked to do, nor do you include the course title and UCA Rochester as its subtitle - again, as you were asked to do. You're not the only one with a bit of tweaking to do, but more excitingly, I'd like to see you invest more personally in this online space; you need to think of it much more as the 'shop window' into your own creative studio. I'm hoping by now that you're following the 2nd and 3rd year blogs, so you can see some of the different ways people have set-up their blogs.

    On Monday, Jordan Buckner - our GTA - will be in the CGAA baseroom all day - he's here to help - and you'll remember from his presentation, that he also knows a thing to two about creating professional online spaces. Why not come in on Monday morning and work with him for a bit to get your blog - and your blogging confidences - up to speed?

  2. sorry phil! I didn't think of personalising my blog yet, thanks for the advice and I will most likely and come down on Monday and ask for more :)

  3. Hey Nadia - looking much cheerier on here already :)