Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Influence Maps

I created these influence maps to help me create one of my areas from my book, which will be the area of the street of crocodiles.

This influence map shows the Polish Ghettos in World War 1 & 2. I wanted to use these images as influences because the buildings and areas relate to Schulz hometown which therefore relates to the area of the street of crocodiles as he uses it as reference in the book. It will give me ideas on how to design the architectural elements in my concept painting.

I have created an influence map based on camera angles which was based on my conversation of perspective with Phil. As I am creating a non-real, magic realism, surrealistic environment I want to take advantage of different angles and perspectives to express this, by looking at low viewpoints. This specific viewpoint makes the audience feel overpowered by the surrounding area and overwhelmed, and it almost makes them feel scared, as the image of which it focuses on, are dominant.
 I also took the narrator of my book into consideration as he is a young boy, and this influence map reflects upon of how a young child would see the world, from being small physically and being creative and exaggerative in terms of imagination and the general perception of the world.

I also wanted to use textures as influence, to give me ideas of what design to use when creating the buildings  the area etc. I Google-searched images that related to 'crumbling', 'old' and 'decaying' textures which reflect upon the description of the area.

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