Friday, 26 October 2012

Creative Partnership Archive

From Jake 

Hey Nadia, Hope the unit is coming along okay,

We are part of a 4 for our creative partnership as you probably know, and the green light review on the 11th of October requires us to present our active partnership, so any work that you have feedback on just post a comment and we will be feeding back to you :)

If you are unsure of who your other creative partners are, its Vikki and Jebb whos blogs I will post below :)

Thumbnail 40 is looking interesting :D

As you said, once you have added smaller details such as lamp posts and shadows it would appear complete. Some highlights would also bring these aspects to life :)

Perhaps you could also add a bit of depth of field within the environment so the background is blurred compared to the 'crisp' foreground? It would also add a better sense of scale to your world, and attract the eye to your one point perspective.

Maybe experiment a little more with this in your thumbnails, just a suggestion :)

From Vikki

Hi Nadia, your research looks nice and organised here! how are your thumbnails coming along? look forward to seeing your ideas :)

Hey Nadia, #11 and #13 and my favourites - I like how you have shaped the buildings to appear to be closing in over the viewer. I can see #13 being a good final piece!

Hi Nadia, 77 - 80 are looking cool! i quite like 77, it makes the room feel dusty and dry, very atmospheric :)

From Jebb

Thumbnails #1, #3 and #5 give a real post-apocalyptic vibe to the environment with the buildings 'crumbling,' whereas the warped surrealistic buildings of thumbnail #2 are very interesting

To Vikki

really nice Vikki! I like the way you designed the cave-like elements, the composition and the atmospheric tones fits in well with your overall image, Well done :D

Hello vikki :) I really like the composition in this image, the human form compared to the sculptured image of the foot does express proportion and the sense of distance and space very well. In terms of tones colours, it does create a great atmosphere and would look nice with added detail to the mountains in the background in the developmental process. I also reckon adding a bit of mist would compliment the mystery and suspense that this image creates.

To Jebb

Hi Jebb, have some really nice thumbnails going on here :)
thumbnail 46 and 48 shows a really interesting composition in terms perspective. I also love the designs in 59 and 62, could see it developing into a strong piece :D

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