Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Initial Research

My initial research consists of information about the author, book, and contextual research to help me gain possible influences for my outcomes 


  1. Great - really incisive research, and I think the idea of the war casting long dark shadows into Schulz's world is a very useful observation. The point about Schulz's world is that it's a kind of labyrinthine metaphor for modern alienation and disconnection and the urban environment as being somehow sordid and dangerous. In this sense, your book - perhaps more than any other - can embrace a more theatrical, richly stylised visual concept. There are a number of artists and art styles who have sought to capture the urban environment and also deal with the legacy and experience of conflict:

    Fernand Leger
    David Bomberg
    Wyndham Lewis
    Edward Wadsworth (and Vorticism more generally).

    Another great example of a strident approach to depicting built environments can be found in the animations of Jiri Barta - in terms of expressionism, check out his version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin:


    and also, in terms of grime and angst-ridden city-living, see his Club of the Laid Off (this has a real whiff of Schulz's world about it and is pretty nightmarish!).


  2. Thanks phil! the links and artists were really helpful and I will use them as part of my research :)

  3. Hi Nadia, your research looks nice and organised here! how are your thumbnails coming along? look forward to seeing your ideas :)

  4. Hi vikki, thank you :) I have finally put some thumbnails up ! Only 5 so far based on one area, but will get around to doing some based on the other two areas